Be Weary of Weights

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

I want you to picture a hand weight that weights half a pound.  If you were to pick it up you might think it weighs nothing.  But, if you were walking down a path and continued to pick up every half pound weight you came across, eventually you would feel the weight.  That is what our daily lives produce if we are not weary or careful about picking up weights.

The daily grind can feel so normal.  Worrying about your job, your boss, your children, your future, are all “normal” things in the world.  No one seems to view these worries as weights.  So, as you start to accumulate them, you don’t even feel it at first.  You slowly feel more and more depressed and anxious and it feels like just yesterday you were totally fine.  You then question: How did I get to this dark state in the first place?  The answer is it didn’t happen overnight.

I was at this place and like everyone else I just couldn’t figure out how I got there.  The Lord showed me the importance of seeking His wisdom on what weights I was carrying.  I needed to be open to the Holy Spirit showing me what I had accumulated.  But, to be honest, seeing the weights and putting them in God’s hands are completely different steps.  I was totally fine seeing what I was holding onto…but when it came time to turn them over…that was not something I was able to do all at once.  I needed to slowly surrender the weights to Him and trust that He would care for me in that situation.  When I tried to blanket “surrender them all” to Him, it wasn’t more than a minute before I was filled with anxiety again about that same topic.  Basically, I surrendered for like a second…

It is not just lip service, taking off the weights and putting them in God’s hands will be a process.  I pray that this devotional helps you to see the need to take the first step and ask the Lord what weights you are carrying.  Then, I pray that you begin the process of building trust and slowly turning those weights over to God.  When we rest in His finished work and true care for us, we will find lasting peace.

God bless